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Sirault, la balade des chapelles

Gastronomisch ,  Fußgänger Um Sirault
8.9 km
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Orte von Interesse
1 Brasserie de l'Abbaye de Saint-Ghislain
In this little village of Hautrage are brewed the beers of this friendly microbrewery. An amateur brewer for over 20 years, Jean-Marc Carpenier decided in 2014 to create his own brand. Mons 2015 gave him a boost – the Brasserie de l'Abbaye de Saint-Ghislain was inaugurated in the gardens of the old Abbey itself, during a Great West event organised as part of Mons 2015. In 2015, production exceeded 60 HI. The return to local trade and quality local products augurs the start of a great adventure. Five beers, all fermented in the bottle, have their own properties, fruits of a patient blend of flavours and authenticity. So the Blonde is brewed with malt barley and hops, giving it a balance flavour between sweetness and bitterness. Meanwhile the Amber has a more sustained bitterness, developing aromas of malt and caramel. As for the Brown, it has typical notes of roasted malt and subtle hints of spices. Finally, spring perpetuates the tradition of these refreshing and light beers that we drink while working in the fields.
Visits by appointment only.
Rue Delbory, 73
7334 Saint-Ghislain
GSM. +32(0)495/56.53.41
2 The Ateliers Marcel Leroy
Precise and delicate discipline, pastry and chocolate making is a real culinary art! Marcel Leroy, a chocolatier for over 45 years, arranges the most interesting courses... He will unveil the tips and techniques to become a good pastry chef. Your oneday teacher will also teach you to make your own creams and speculoos.
Courses only by reservation.
Rue de la Rivièrette, 12
7333 Saint-Ghislain
GSM. +32(0)479/71.77.74
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