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Quiévrain, aux confins du pays

Fußgänger Um Quiévrain
10.2 km
  • Höhenunterschied
    65.18 m
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Orte von Interesse
1 Boulangerie Dufrasnes
In-house preparations of stone-baked grain breads fill the pretty Place d’Audregnies with aroma. The 50 years experience behind baker Dufrsanes is tasted in the pies, all artisanal, and pastries. Impossible to resist...
Open every day.
Place d’Audregnies, 63
7382 Audregnies
Tel. +32(0)65/43.07.69
2 The Le Silly tavern
Le Silly is one of these addresses where you feel a warm welcome on entering... The tavern is one of the standard-bearers of Belgian beer, with more than 100 references. And the choice is quality... The craft beers are both their strength and their weakness. Strength in their quality, weakness in their production, necessarily limited. Here we inevitably find little pearls that the owner advises you on, mischievously and with an air of a connoisseur... Savvy travellers and the finest gourmets taste in Le Silly the aromas of beers that are floral, fruity or have a pronounced bitterness. Offered à la cart, the tavern’s refined French cuisine marries with these delicacies – the beer becomes a vintage.
Open Tuesday to Thursday, from 10:30am to 10pm. Friday and Saturday, from 11am to 11pm.
Rue Tour Sainte Barbe, 8
7380 Quiévrain
Tel. +32(0)65/43.02.79
65 Meter Höhenunterschied
  • Höhe des Startpunkts : 32 m
  • Höhe des Ankunftsorts : 32 m
  • Maximale Höhe : 66 m
  • Minimale Höhe : 31 m
  • Totaler positiver Höhenmeter : 65 m
  • Totaler negativer Höhenmeter : -65 m
  • Maximaler positiver Höhenmeter : 8 m
  • Maximaler negativer Höhenmeter : -8 m