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Montignies-sur-roc, la route des épicuriens

Radwanderer ,  Gastronomisch Um Montignies-sur-Roc
43.3 km
  • Höhenunterschied
    327.2 m
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Orte von Interesse
1 The Chocolaterie Druart
For 30 years in his chocolate factory, Camille Druart has innovated and created new recipes, between this subtle mix of ingredients which brings all the refinement of the palace and this powerful taste of chocolate which should always prevail... His passion was passed down to him by his mother who was already working in this delicious material. Camille was destined rather for a career as a Grand Chef. And yet he left a promising career to embark alone in his chocolate factory. “At the time,” he recalls, “there was neither a school nor a book on the field of chocolate... Only both positive and negative experience let me get ahead. I am always seeking new tastes...”. Such as this collection of whisky-based pralines which we taste with wondering eyes... “I have tried associations with Armagnac or Cognac, but they did not bring out the exceptional taste qualities. And then came this idea, thanks to a friend, to associate the bestwhiskies of the world with chocolate. Combining these extraordinary malts, including a Japanese, I found what I had been seeking. It is an earthy taste with fragrances, scents very typical like that of earth, leather or mushroom. This alliance must be harmonious, not aggressive, the taste of chocolate should come out.” From these distant travels her returned with rare spices. Like this vanilla from Madagascar, naturally frosted, or these cloves, the best in the world which come from Sri Lanka. If the spices and chocolate are musical notes, praline is the harmony: Camille Druart, this self-taught person has become a master of taste.
Open weekdays from 9am to noon, and from 2pm to 5pm. Saturday from 10am to 12:30pm. Closed Friday and Sunday.
Rue de Boughors, 13
7387 Angreau
Tel. +32(0)65/75.95.21
327 Meter Höhenunterschied
  • Höhe des Startpunkts : 91 m
  • Höhe des Ankunftsorts : 91 m
  • Maximale Höhe : 110 m
  • Minimale Höhe : 30 m
  • Totaler positiver Höhenmeter : 327 m
  • Totaler negativer Höhenmeter : -327 m
  • Maximaler positiver Höhenmeter : 58 m
  • Maximaler negativer Höhenmeter : -31 m