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Lens - Le Pays de Corentin

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22.4 km
2Uhr 10min
Orte von Interesse
1 Village Square
Don't miss this beautiful village square
2 Pairi Daiza
Wildlife park
3 Cambron-Saint-Vincent old mill
The old mill of Cambron-Saint-Vincent was built in two steps. The reason is that the woodwork of the northern part was built out of oak and the other part out of fir. The part built out of fir dates from 1800 while the part built out of oak dates from after the war of 1870. Different owners succeeded one another in the old mill. All cereals were milled and it produced five tons of grain a day. Since 1950, the mill has no longer been in service and it now stands abandoned.
104 Meter Höhenunterschied
  • Höhe des Startpunkts : 64 m
  • Höhe des Ankunftsorts : 64 m
  • Maximale Höhe : 81 m
  • Minimale Höhe : 52 m
  • Totaler positiver Höhenmeter : 104 m
  • Totaler negativer Höhenmeter : -104 m
  • Maximaler positiver Höhenmeter : 14 m
  • Maximaler negativer Höhenmeter : -14 m