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L' Art habite la Ville (Art lives in the city)

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Orte von Interesse
Etude du Notaire Franeau, Rue d'Enghien 19

Photographer, Laurence Vray brings an “intimate” sensitivity - far from the gloss of fashion. She proceeds, with as much rigour as restraint, to reveal a possible intimacy with the world. The lightness of her view is serious and the seriousness of her views is light. So, through a paradox which she took pains to keep secret, she composed with diligent simplicity: a work of art for peace. Laurence, an artist from Mons, captures intimacy and lightness and conveys it to us. Laurence Vray dedicated her first photographic series to “photographic reporting” during her trips to Morocco, India, Cuba and Nepal. The inhabitants of these regions, their artisans, their clerics... become the actors of this sublimation. Not forgetting her country and her native region, she created the series La Glace Passe in 2002. These black and white photographs, in the purest tradition of street photography, are a tribute to a region that is particularly dear to the artist. More than a simple capture of reality, the photographer embarks on a reflection on the world around her by using photography to put her ideas on paper. She also reflects on the notion of “time”. These photos, with indescribable strength, are an ode to human beings and to their fragility, as well as a reflection on solitude. Extending this reflection on time, the artist began to play with the photographic medium and decided to go back to her origins by using the pinhole technique. At this point, humans are excluded from the photos, which return to silent and unchanging nature, evoking the essence of photography. These images, flowing poetically, lead us to dream and return to childhood.
Today, like going back in time, a return to the first place, Laurence Vray is working on the theme of water and mother waters. A truly silent swim, this series offers a solitary parenthesis exploring the resonance of water, its currents and its flow. The photographer plays on the opposition between presence and absence, solitude and company, femininity and masculinity, fragility and inalterability of this original element. The focus is also on the mother waters, where time it is not yet linear, where light still plays shadows between
the uterine walls, where life is a pure loving relationship...
Zesar Bahamonte - Saint-Georges - L'Art Habite la Ville (27).jpg
Façade du Delhaize - Rue de Nimy 117-121
Mural fresco

Project: NOIR Artist will bring a touch of surrealism to the project

NOIR Artist is a Belgian plastic artist and mural painter from Liège, trained at Saint-Luc Liège. He creates paintings as well as mural frescoes in almost all formats
and all types of support. But always in shades of black (‘NOIR’). Or almost, since colour and gold now also have their place in his universe. Paintings, drawings, monumental frescoes, mural art, trompe l'oeil, urban decoration and design, this work “in black” does not leave people indifferent. Inspired by publicity, pop art, baroque art or calligraphy, NOIR Artist gracefully enumerates his hyper-realistic pictorial obsessions and his more abstract musings.
NOIR artist - nouveau projet - Facade rue de Nimy - 111.jpg 20190326_150223.jpg 20190326_150102.jpg
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Façade of the restaurant « Les Gribaumonts », Rue d'Havré, 95
Mural fresco

Project: Working with his neighbours, BlancBec gives new life to this wall where imaginary animals and plants cross paths.
After spending 10 years in the graffiti movement under the pseudonym VEKS, at the start of 2000, Blancbec took a new approach to his work.
He developed his first paintings, furnished with geometric writings inspired by graffiti. In Barcelona in 2002, he discovered the work of posters painted by hand and glued, a revelation.
This technique attracted him because he could combine workshop activity with an urban activity. He embraced it! The geometric writings of the beginning gradually became characters. Then the bird appeared. Provisionally, the canvases were put aside to make place for paper. At the beginning of 2003, the first bird posters appeared on the walls of the city; they were the first of their kind in Brussels. The bird and the artist call themselves "Blancbec" chosen for the lack of experience of the artist and the self-assurance of his bird.
His own geometric construction and his vibrant chromatic range created a style that was instantly recognisable. Since then, some audacious protagonists have integrated his universe that he still represents through new supports and techniques. The artist Blancbec exhibits regularly and his works always appear in an urban setting.
IMG_2647.jpg 20190326_160553.jpg
Project: coloured frescoes decorated with relief elements - a first worldwide.

Oli-B is an artist from Brussels, known for his colourful works that are full of life. Starting from abstract and figurative forms in vibrant colours, Oli-B traces the limits of his exceptional universe, where onirism mixes with harmony and hope. Each piece writes his story and reveals new aspects. His works are driven by a desire for balance. When he crosses this line, he deploys his ideal and optimistic vision of the world, in opposition to the realistic image tinged with bitterness, that he sometimes feels. Oli-B enjoys the hustle and bustle of large towns and their crowds and uses the public spaces as his playground.
20190326_155348.jpg 20190326_155524.jpg 20190326_155737.jpg
David Mesguich deals with the notions of space, borders and separation through monumental sculptures. He produced a monumental sculpture, symbolising the first time you feel butterflies in your stomach. The scissors broken, the little girl is free to feel what she wants
lart_habite_la_ville_-_fresque_-_dourone_-_visite_chef_de_corps_bourgmestre_25.jpg lart_habite_la_ville_-_fresque_-_dourone_-_visite_chef_de_corps_bourgmestre_26.jpg
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