Hensies & Quiévrain - En zone humide

Radwanderer Um Hensies
30.7 km
2Uhr 50min
Orte von Interesse
1 Les Marais d'Harchies
This beautiful reed bed is originally a mining site which collapsed in the seventies. These marshes are nowadays the greatest ornithological reserve in Belgium. During migration it lays host to thousands of birds.
2 Boussu castle
Built by the squire of the Emperor Charles V, in 1540, it would suffer bombardments in the Second World War.
The recent restoration of its gatehouse reinforces it as an exceptional Walloon heritage site. Besides its exhibitions, the site has a twelve-hectare English-style estate where it is pleasant to stroll around.
135 Meter Höhenunterschied
  • Höhe des Startpunkts : 20 m
  • Höhe des Ankunftsorts : 20 m
  • Maximale Höhe : 86 m
  • Minimale Höhe : 14 m
  • Totaler positiver Höhenmeter : 135 m
  • Totaler negativer Höhenmeter : -135 m
  • Maximaler positiver Höhenmeter : 17 m
  • Maximaler negativer Höhenmeter : -19 m