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Colfontaine, le joli bois

Gastronomisch ,  Fußgänger Um Colfontaine
6.6 km
2Uhr 30min
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    219.07 m
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Orte von Interesse
1 The Pagnon bakery
Before going through the paths of the Colfontaine Woods, feel free to open the doors of the bakery to buy some real Borinage pagnon. Better known as “Miner Pie”, it offers the smoothness of sugar pie and cracker. This lets it be consumed at any time, for example on your picnic.
Open every day from 7am to 2pm and Monday, Thursday and Fridays from 7am to 4pm.
Rue du Roi Albert, 8
7340 Wasmes
Tel. +32(0)65/67.70.24
2 The “Tower of Lait Buré”
What a curious construction the “Tower of Lait Buré” is! Situated at the edge of the Colfontaine Woods it was, at the beginning of the 20th century, a place that was already popular. In this guinguette, after their tiring work day, miners would come to find some comfort and relaxation while drinking a bowl of buttermilk. Today the building has changed little – the place remains minuscule but the welcome is the warmest. What a pleasure to enjoy a drink after this stroll.
Open every day, from 10am to 8pm except Tuesday.
Rue Belle Maison, 1
7340 Colfontaine
Tel. +32(0)65/75.66.50.
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  • Totaler positiver Höhenmeter : 219 m
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